PVc custom pins

Another style, another material, a different form. We present our PVC pins! With their durable design, vibrant colors, and sharp details, our PVC pins are much more than simple accessories: they are a form of miniature art. Make a bold statement, stand out from the crowd, and make a difference with our high-quality PVC pins.


More Details

The pvc pins can accurately reproduce logos, images and text, allowing for a wide variety of creative options to express ideas and styles


Their flexible and moldable nature allows for a wide variety of creative designs. Additionally, the ability to incorporate textures and relief adds another dimension of visual and tactile interest, making them ideal for those looking to stand out and express their style in a unique and fun way.

Child Safety

PVC is a soft and flexible material, which reduces the risk of injuries compared to metal pins, which can have sharp edges. Additionally, PVC pins are usually lighter and less likely to cause harm in case of a fall or accident. Therefore, they are a popular choice for use in children's products such as toys, clothing, and school accessories

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Pvc pins