From Concept to Creation

In our company, we offer high-quality custom pins that will make your brand shine. With a wide range of design options and premium materials, we can create pins that suit your specific needs and reflect the essence of your brand. From corporate events to marketing campaigns, our custom pins are a creative and effective way to stand out from the crowd. Contact us today and take your brand to the next level with our impressive custom pins!

At our facility, we meticulously craft each pin from inception to completion, allowing you to tailor them to your desired shape and specifications with precision.


Metal pins can come in enamel-free, silver, gold, or bronze options. The high relief boasts a polished, glossy finish, while the lower relief is more matte with a sandy effect.


Metal pins with relief can be adorned with colorful enamel coatings. We produce the base with a 2D relief similar to the pins mentioned in the following paragraph, and then we apply colored enamel onto the relief. All colors from the Pantone chart are available.

3d pins

The reason we opt for 3D is because it allows for rounded relief, enabling the pins to take on the shape of faces, people, or animals. Essentially, it is used to depict designs that cannot be achieved with high and low relief.

epoxy pin printed

Custom printed pins feature a full-color logo imprint and are manufactured from scratch to match the shape of your logo, setting them apart from typical prefabricated pins. The image is directly printed onto metal and coated with a protective resin enamel to ensure logo durability.

Pvc pins

The PVC pins represent innovation in accessories: a flexible material that adapts to all audiences. Its versatility makes it the perfect choice for textured designs, allowing the creation of unique and distinctive pieces.


Regarding the finishes for your pins, we offer a wide variety of options. From the type of metal to enameling, we can provide an antique finish or a glossy matte finish, as well as add personal touches with glitters or diamonds. Additionally, for smaller details or accessories, you can choose from closures to packaging. We have many options available, simply choose the one that best suits your needs, or feel free to ask us for advice.


We also offer you the opportunity to use genuine diamonds of the size and quality of your choice.

Types of Closures

Our pins can have various attachment options as you can choose from different styles and materials.

Boxes and Pouches

We deliver our custom pins and products in individual cellophane bags. We also offer velvet pouches, plastic boxes, or velvet boxes.