Custom pins

Custom Pins

Pin’s with custom shape – We manufacture the pins from the beginning to the final process and give them the shape you want.

How to make custom pins

Customers have several options for making their own personalized pin. Depending on your taste and preference you can opt for the metal pins with reliefs in 2D or for the golden pins with a varnish of color.


Custom Enamel Pins

Pins with Relief in 2D and enamel colors – The metal pins with reliefs can be decorated with colored enamels (varnishes). We produce the base with relief in 2D similar to the pins mentioned in the next paragraph, and we add the enamel of color on the bas-relief. All colors of the Pantone table are available.

The following are some pots of pins with colors:


Pins with Shape and Relief

Pins with Relief in 2D –These pins are manufactured with the desired shape and relief in 2D. The technique of the top and the bas-relief is used.

Photos of metal pin’s with logotype in 2D:


Metallic Pins with 3D Relief

Pins with 3D Reliefs – The reason why we use 3D is because it enables the relief to be rounded in a way that the pins take the shape of face, people or animals.

The following are some photos of pins in 3D:


Pin Printed with Shape and Resin

Pins Printed with Resin – We can manufacture pins with a custom shape and logo printed directly on the metal. Resins are applied to these pins to protect the prints.

The following are some photos of printed pins:



Here are the different varieties we offer of metal finishes. In addition, the pins can be decorated with enameled colors.

Check this out to see our metal options to produce pins >>


Colors of Your Pins

We can make your custom pins using the colors of the Pantone table of your choice.

Colors >>


Types of Closures

We have several types of fasteners for pins:

  • Metal fastener
  • Rubber fastener
  • Nail clip
  • Screw connection
  • Magnetic clamp
  • Here you can check the pin’s attachments >>


    Boxes and Pouches

    The presentation options include:

  • Plastic clutch-bag
  • Plastic box
  • Velvet box
  • Velvet pouch


    In addition to giving you the chance to add cheap stones on inexpensive metal pins, we also offer you the opportunity to use genuine diamonds of the size and quality of your choice.



    Customized Gold Badges

    We can make customized gold badges with the desired logo.

    Offering a gold badge is an added value. Gold is a noble metal whose value increases day by day. The gold pins are crafted using a cutting mold and are made of 18K gold.

    We are experts in the realization of any type of corporate logo and embossed coat of arms. Typically, these pins are worn by business leaders and are also worn during events and commemorations of important people as recognition.


    Custom Silver Badges

    Silver is also a metal that will give prestige to your pins. Its price is much lower than that of gold.

    Are you looking for a manufacturer of silver badges? We can send you your 925 silver pins. We ensure that the entire crafting process is as per your desired shape and that the embossed finishes suit your preference.

    The silver pins are used by members of companies and associations. We can make any type of logo with the desired shape.

    They are manufactured through a cutting mold to give the badge shape and are made of 925 silver.