Metal Options

We can make your pins and customized products in different metals and with different metal finishes:

We work with the following materials:

  • Cheap Metal / Zamak
  • Sterling Silver
  • 18K Gold

    Metal finishes

    Cheap custom pins finish


    Bright finishes:

  • Bright Silver
  • Shiny gold
  • Bronze
  • Bright Black
  • Black

    Old tones:

  • Old Silver
  • Ancient gold
  • Ancient Bronze

    Matte tones:

  • Matte silver
  • Matte gold
  • Matte Bronze

    Enamel colors

    Normally we work with reliefs, and this allows us to put the colors of the enamel. We have all the colors of the Pantone table:

    Enamel color chart >>