Enamel pins

2D enamel pins are badges featuring two-dimensional designs and coated with enamel to add color and detail to the surface. We start by crafting a base with 2D relief, incorporating high and low reliefs, and then meticulously apply colored enamel onto the low relief. Our selection encompasses all colors from the Pantone catalog.



Enamel pins are coated with a protective layer that ensures their longevity. This coating guarantees that the pin maintains its original appearance and remains in optimal condition, resisting wear and damage over time.

Varied Designs

Enamel provides a wide range of colors and details in pin designs. This means you can create eye-catching, detailed designs, from corporate logos to artistic illustrations. With enamel, you can bring almost any design to life on a pin

Visual Appeal

Enamel pins are often more eye-catching than metal pins because of the variety of colors and details they can incorporate into their design. This visual appeal makes them stand out more and easily capture attention

Our enamel Projects