Jewelry experience

Jewelery Experience

We have 18 years of experience in the fine jewelry sector since 1998. We know the specific details that can make a custom metal product or pin come out with more quality and at a lower cost.

We produce pins of cheap metal called Zamak, 18k gold and sterling silver. We can even use diamond depending on your preference.

Company’s Story

Our company was founded in Vinaroz (Comunidad Valenciana, Spain) in 1998. At first, we started as a jewelry store that specialized in gold and silver. After a few years, we saw that we had gained the potential to diversify and in the pursuit to improve our establishment, we added our own workshop, and later began to make customized products.

With hard work, we have obtained hundreds of clients throughout Spanish. We have been operating our online store since 2006.

Our Work

We know that quality is a major factor in retaining clients and it’s for this reason that we craft our jewelry using high quality materials. If you or your client requires quality jewelry products, you are on the most recommendable website.

We make every effort to offer our customers the best deals in quality, price, and speed.

If you are interested in purchasing any jewel in gold, do not hesitate from telling us your idea.